Crematorium in Hofheide. Belgium. 2006 - 2013. Photo: Hisao Suzuki.

Learning from Landscape and Territory

“The essence of RCR’s architectural knowledge lies in the ability to know how to look and observe, interpret and create from its La Garrotxa landscape. This has given them the tools to understand and create anywhere: natural or rural, urban or metropolitan.”

Josep Maria Montaner

149 works and projects
13% Cultural
6% Educational
16% Parks and public spaces
40% Sports and activities
15% Hotels and restaurants
43% Dwellings

Built Work
56% private work – 46% public work: a balance between public commissions and private client

48 competitions
42 first prizes in competitions
12 first prizes to built work

International Work
In 2006, the predominantly international stage began with the first prize in the Hofheide Crematorium competition in Belgium.