Toilet WC Lagares In. Design: RCR Arquitectes

The Theory of Everything

In quantum physics, the theory of the whole explains and connects all known physical phenomena and reinforces the idea of the connectedness of all parts and the unity of the whole. In this sense, when creating a space, it is consistent to think of all its elements conceived as a unit.
Based on this philosophy, RCR has developed designs for furniture, sanitary ware, lighting, handrails and small objects at a point of intersection between the industrial and the artisanal, which is born from a deep knowledge of the material.

158 industrial designs
57 furniture pieces
47 sanitary
16 urban furniture pieces
7 luminaires
31 various elements

10 design awards
3 internationals
7 nationals

14 design exhibitions

42 furniture miniatures
1:6 scale furniture reproductions

51 publications
24 specialized publications
15 non-specialized publications
12 press articles