2016-2019 data for guided tours of the works of RCR Arquitectes: 2,948 visits from 37 countries around the world
Immersion in the leafy forest of RCR La Vila. Photo: Hisao Suzuki

Guided Visits to the Work of RCR Arquitectes

Since 2016 we have offered different guided tours. First, we open the doors of our home, our headquarters, located in the Barberí space, an old art and bell foundry, so you can visit the place where we project, talk, and ideate. And with it, the space of the Bunka foundation that guards our little treasures, the reserves with models, sketches, furniture prototypes, exhibition pieces…

Also, some guided tours of the public works of Tossols-Basil: the Pedra Tosca park, the athletics stadium and the swimming pavilion. To understand the strength that has marked our architecture, the landscape made of nature and the architecture of the Garrotxa. We will soon organize visits to RCR la Vila, our dream geography, the open centre for the experience of space, 20 minutes by car from the Barberí space.

From 2016 to 2019 (before the pandemic), we have already been visited by nearly 3,000 people from almost 40 different countries worldwide. Thank you very much!


Stays at RCR la Vila: Between Heaven and Earth in the Geography of Dreams

In 2017 RCR, we acquired the Villa, a place full of magic that contains the essence that has nurtured our creativity since the beginning: the landscape, nature and stone constructions of La Garrotxa.

And we have started and continue to work to make the open centre for the experience of space a reality: it is in the process! While new areas are revealed, and with them help the transformation of the perception of time and play with a reconnection with nature and with the awakening of dreams, you can enjoy staying in spaces that already existed, such as Can Capsec, for large groups, and the Molí with its cabin, for smaller groups. And experience first-hand this birth and growth.

Because it is inspiring and comforting!