Stays and laboratory project at RCR La Vila

RCR La Vila. Research Center: Dreams Are Possible

RCR La Vila is the territory where RCR is creating a laboratory in the middle of nature. An open research centre of shared creativity can transform the awareness of people’s perceptions and lead to the generation of new relationships and behaviours.

Beyond its intrinsic complexity, it wants to be a transversal, comprehensive laboratory done most essentially and genuinely possible. It wants to become a place of reference, from an almost hidden enclave, for the world; for what is done there, for what happens there, for those who come there, for the magic distilled there, in short, for the creativity that is generated there.

Essential Values

Sharing. We are transforming the self for us to engender new relationships where generational and cultural inclusion is essential.

Roots. Become aware of our cultural and geographical values with respect for history and sustainability. At the same time, our transit lasts for the present moment, with projections towards the future, because we need to have deep roots to fly higher.

Meaning. Identify the semantics of the place because it is necessary to learn to perceive and value the aesthetics and nature that have become today’s landmarks.

The Laboratory, a Shared Space for Innovation

Innovation in architecture is historically associated with technological innovation. However, we think that this dynamic has run out and that we are now at just the opposite moment: innovation in architecture, born from creativity, will generate technological innovations. That is why we propose investigating key architectural themes essential for creating experiential spaces, the unique experience delivered by a specific place.

Transversality, networking and companies are indispensable agents to meet new challenges under a straightforward concept: to escape from homogenization and bet on being and the now, a feeling that has been born from architecture to RCR Arquitectes, to create places for life.