Creative workshop during the RCR Summer Workshop 2016. Photo: Hisao Suzuki
Jiujiang University students exercise at a RCR Workshop at La Vila in 2019

RCR SUMMER WORKSHOP · A Global Community Sharing

The RCR Summer Workshop was born in 2008 from a humanist spirit in which different creative disciplines generate synergies for mutual enrichment. The Architecture and Landscape Workshop was joined in 2013 by the Photography and Audiovisual Workshop, the Scenography Workshop in 2016 and the Dance Workshop in 2019. More than a thousand professionals and students from all over the world have participated in these workshops where the professional practice is combined with theory, experience and research, creativity and transversality, condensing complex processes in a limited time, of shared creativity to encourage the capacity for dialogue and an experience derived from observation and participation.

WATCH VIDEO Diversity  Audiovisual d’Antonio Navarro Wijmark. RCR Summer Workshop 2018



RCR offers a seven or ten-day immersive program aimed at universities that explores the place from a transdisciplinary perspective. The workshop takes place entirely in La Vila, RCR’s territory in the Bianya Valley, just 15 minutes from Olot, with forests, streams, crops and animals, with the manor house, mill and farmhouse of Can Capsec, where groups of 9 to 12 students and a tutor from the university centre can be accommodated. The programme combines visits to works by RCR Arquitectes, talks by experts and the exploration of the body in space, and exercises around the awakening of the senses to stimulate the creation of spaces that make us experience wanting to touch and listen and be in this place. To feel the site, the aim is to learn to discover and perceive from an attitude of constant investigation and critical attention underlying RCR Arquitectes’ way of designing.