The RCR Store

RCR has accompanied its activity as architects with a careful editorial line to spread the work of RCR Arquitectes and explore it from other angles such as photography and audiovisual arts. The publications examine, in addition to their architecture, other topics that have interested their founders, such as the case of the peasant houses of La Garrotxa or the deepening of the history of the place where they settled with the office and the laboratory, the BarberĂ­ Space.

This editorial activity is complemented by an elaborate selection of products related to the work of RCR Arquitectes: postcards, magnets, notebooks and plates with reproductions of sketches.

RCR will also offer a selection of designs and furniture that were born in parallel with its architecture and will now follow its path in the world of industrial design.

The products and editions on sale will only be found during your visit to the Bunka foundation and, if indicated, at other specialized points.