Consultancy on territorial issues in the Côte Vermeille. 2010

In a multidisciplinary team, we participate in conferences promoted by the French Ministry of the Environment to debate and propose global improvements in less favoured French territories and propose the path of specific actions, understood as beacons, that help on the path of transformation.

Neom Bay. 2020

To give rise to the embryo of the idea for a stretch of coast, idyllic, towards the north of the Red Sea, with a more temperate climate than areas further south or more central in Saudi Arabia, for a new settlement that combine the life of residents who reside there with the life of visitors. It is a territorial balance that must be preserved that balances the desert and its wadis with the sea full of corals. For this reason, the creation of small centers of 2,000 people is advised in order not to irreversibly saturate certain points in the territory due to over-implantation, energy consumption, waste generation, and the establishment of communication infrastructures.

Architecture and Landscape Consultants of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park. 1989-present

Since 1989, we advise ensuring that life and activity within the Natural Park do not stop but do not damage the landscape or make it an obsolete nativity scene. A permanent update based on understanding the foundations that have generated the legacy that has reached us to this day and that we, too, want to bequeath with fullness and updating of values without banal reproductions. We advise those who need action to preserve the territory’s landscape value by the planning criteria and with the existing knowledge, whose study led to the drafting and publication of the book “Tranquil Houses”.