Barberí Me Liquefecit

In Olot, the bowels of a building host a network of stories: the stories of those who worked there, of the bells and sculptures cast there. The levels of excellence achieved by the founders and the fate of the pieces they made.

The historical course of everything that happened around them has also coloured these stories. And above all, the history of its constant evolution: a journey through the memory of the old Barberí artistic foundry, rehabilitated by RCR Arquitectes and headquarters of its activity, which invites visitors to leave new marks on the pages of this newspaper space…

Aspect: 16:9
Duration: 40 min

Legal Deposit: Gi-1119-2013


Moments de Silenci. A journey through the works of RCR Arquitectes

A journey through the works of RCR Arquitectes:
Hofheide Crematorium, Belgium
Soulages Museum, Rodez, France
La Lira Theater Public Space, Ripoll, Girona, Catalonia, Spain
Sant Antoni-Joan Oller Library, Senior Centre and Cándida Pérez Gardens, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Bell-lloc Winery, Palamós, Girona, Catalonia, Spain
Athletics Stadium, Olot, Girona, Catalonia, Spain

Music: Sunao Goko
Aspect: 16:9
Duration: 47:07 min

Award for Best Photography at the FICARQ International Film and Architecture Festival 2015