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Geography of Dreams. RCR Arquitectes

English / Japanese
400 pages
Edited by TOTO Publishing with the support of RCR Bunka Private Foundation

Texts: Ken Tadashi Oshima, Josep M. Montaner, Jordi Pigem
Photographs: Hisao Suzuki, Ramon Prat, Eduard Masdeu, Pep Sau
Translations: Andrea Buchner, Jun Doi, Tomoko Sakamoto
Drawings and renders: RCR Arquitectes

Cover: Paperback
Binding: Sewn
Format: 190 x 250mm
Interior: Bulky Paper 130 g/m2 and 70 g/m2
Printing: 4+4 inks
Cover: Tokuhishi Art Paper, 135 g/m2, printed with 4 inks

© of the edition: TOTO Publishing
© of the translations: Their authors
©of the texts and photographs: Their authors

ISBN: 978-4-88706-377-8