View of the access to the park from former train road. Photo: Pep Sau
View of the access space. Photo: Francesco Martello
View inside the park. Photo: Pep Sau

Minimum donation of €100

Tour to the Rough Rock Park

Access and itinerary to a protected space
Project 1997-2002. Construction 2003-04
Les Preses City Council
250 ha

In the Natural Park of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone in Les Preses, near Olot, there is an extraordinary place, a sea of rocks, the product of the basaltic flow of the Croscat volcano and a difficult task of man in his struggle to get a measly patch of land to cultivate, levelling and isolating plots while piling the rocks, stones and slag into vast walls, mounds and huts. Its morphological and tactile roughness retains perception. The project tries to enhance the uniqueness of this landscape and activate the surprise factor in its discovery. A narrow line of strokes in steel allows you to traverse the space, and the steel, in specific episodes, holds the mounds that cross. The broken shape of the steel lines contrasts with the vast rock masses and establishes new clearings in the opening and middle acts.

Duration: 1 hour
Languages: Catalan, Spanish or English
Visits: prior reservation on the form prior reservation by email: We have to check availability with our guides.

Conditions:  In groups without limitation of visitors.

Transparency: The donation to the Foundation contributes to its activities, from publications, exhibitions, talks, workshops, and visits. The Foundation issues a donation certificate upon request.